Thanassis G. Giokas
Knowing not how to listen, they do not (know) how to speak.
Ελληνικά English

The students honor their tutor

To Thanassis Giokas

A life of asking why.
Time is valuable though,
thousands voices.
His task to share,
sort his students’ thoughts.
Knowledge here and there,
joy against complaints
among severity and love
the red blossom of spree.
His time passes
and he is given tribune
and wastes his breath.
“Thank you for still granting me
the joy of loving you”, he said and sat,
foul of awareness and thrill.

Kostas Kalapanidas

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Curriculum Vitae ...

I was born in 1955 in Erithres or Kriekoyki, in Attica, son of George and Eleni Gioka (is pronounced  Geoka or Ghioka).

I was fortunate to have as my teachers, Kostas Kalapanidas in the Primary School, and Robert E. King († R.I.P 9/11/2018) in the Departure of Electronics in ASPETE, professor in the University of Patras.

In 1989 I was hired as laboratory coactive in the T.E.I of Piraeus (Currently : Western University of Athens)(Department of Electronic Computers Systems Eng.) where I taught until 2009. I am, also, regular teacher in TEE (Technical Vocational Educational Schools) in Athens.Retired since 7/2015

Authoring Work:
  1. Giokas Thanassis, ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS TEXTBOOK, Papasotiriou publications, 1997 (360 pages).
  2. Giokas Thanassis, ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS TEXTBOOK VOLUME II, Stamoulis publications, 2004 (332 pages).
  3. TECHNOLOGY OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES, textbook for the first cycle of Technical Vocational Educational Schools, and Technology of Electronic Devices and Designing, for the second cycle, OEDB publications, 2001 (coauthor).
  4. Giokas Thanassis, ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS TEXTBOOK, ARAKYNTHOS publications, 2010 (440 pages).
Other activities:
  1. I have participated as critic in the ¨DIGITAL ELECTRONICS¨ textbooks, Theory and Laboratory, for the second year of the first cycle of Technical Vocational Educational Schools.
  2. At the same time, I have worked in private and public Ι.Ε.Κ.